Vault Defence

Vault Defence was founded by Glyn Ashton who has been teaching Krav Maga in Northern Ireland since 2006. He has extensive traditional Martial Arts background and training in numerous forms of Self Defence. Glyn is a First Dan Jui jujitsu and Blue Belt in Brazilian jujitsu obtained at Gracie Barrie N.I. Glyn went onto train in Commando Krav Maga, then trained under Boaz Aviram Grand Master of Pure Krav Maga and was awarded Senior Master PKM title. Glyn’s classes are Vault Belfast and Vault Holywood.

What You Need To Start

Krav Maga classes are currently £8.00 per class for Vault Belfast, Vault Holywood, Vault Ards, Vault Banbridge with other Vault classes in the region £6.00. Our classes are Pay As You Go. On your first night of training, you train at your own risk. However, if you want to come back after your first night, you are required to pay for yearly Martial Arts Insurance which costs £8.00. After your third week we require yearly membership fees of £20 per year.

Busy Schedule – 3 Day Courses

We understand that not all students can commit to weekly classes and due to various reasons would prefer to do short courses. This 21 hour course (3 Day) contains the full Krav Maga syllabus of the original Krav Maga format. A straight forward easy to learn system. This course is run by Senior Master Glyn Ashton in Vault Belfast or Vault Holywood. Open to experienced and non-experienced individuals. Courses for Stag Do’s or groups can be organised by arrangement.

Vault Defence / NI Krav Maga Instructors

Find Your Nearest Vault Defence Krav Maga Centre

Find Your Nearest Vault Defence Krav Maga Centre